Photography equipment cameras and lenses used by me along with handy gadgets and accessories.

Of course if you have a modern smart phone you don’t need anything more for about 80% of the subjects and these phones often exceed the quality of cheap or mid range camera so don’t thing you need anything more.

However once you catch the bug (sic) you want more. Investing in cameras isn’t cheap if you buy something basic you’ll end up upgrading, it’s an upward spiral but if it’s the route you choose then choose carefully.

Choosing a system used to be based on brand but that’s changed now, it’s more about systems with features you need that drives the choices. I use Canon and have a heavy investment in bodies and lenses but I’m a commercial photographer so it’s my every day tools. Both Sony and Olympus have great features for nature photography making ease of focus stacking and AF tracking, Nikon Z family has great features all are excellent and work well. I shoot manual 99% of the time but nature photography benefits from the modern AF tracking and technology so shooting in manual isn’t the best choice if you want the shot.

There are item that suit particular genre of photography from long lens bird and animal photography, to up close in the environment of super close macro photography all have specific needs but there is a lot of cross over.