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    If you’re considering buying a gimbal have a look at fluid heads as well, buying your first gimbal might not be as straightforward as you thought. I’ve linked two very informative short videos on gimbals and fluid heads and what to look out for in quality and issues to look for. I have also another good video on how each compares Gimbals vs Fluid Heads. I personally use a fluid head as these are already in my kit as a commercial photographer. I was considering adding a Gimbal and did my research and thought I’d share some findings. Fluid heads vs Gimbals

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    WWT Caerlaverock

    WWT Caerlaverock, Eastpark Farm, Dumfriesshire, Scotland, DG1 4RS Hides, trails, parking and facilities exist at WWT Caerlaverock, there is an entrance fee payable when visiting this reserve. Water Birds Birds Birds of Prey Animals Amphibians Insects

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    RSPB Baron’s Haugh

    RSPB Baron’s Haugh wildlife reserve Hides, trails, and parking available when visiting RSPB Baron’s Haugh wildlife reserve. There are a number of remodelling projects underway causing some disruption. Water Birds Birds Birds of Prey Animals Amphibians Insects

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    Cartland Craigs

    Cartland Craigs, Lanark, Lanarkshire, ML11 8QL Starting at Cartland Bridge to Mouse Mill Bridge Cleghorn a 2.5mile trail. A quiet but demanding often over grown and is a steep woodland trail along the Mouse Gorge to the Cleghorn Glen NNR, there is limited parking at Cartland Bridge. Walk also leads to the Stey Brae and back into Lanark or continue following the trail to the Mouse Mill bridge at Cleghorn. There is a wide range of plant life along the route and carpets of Bluebells in Spring. Cartland Bridge is quite spectacular designed by architect Thomas Telfer in 1822 spanning the Mouse Gorge. Birds Birds of Prey Animals Insects Plantlife

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    New Lanark

    Falls of Clyde Wildlife reserve and visitor centre Clyde Valley Woodlands National Nature Reserve and New Lanark Clyde walkway board walks and vantage platforms for viewpoints and bird photography, the Falls of Clyde Wildlife reserve and visitors centre. View the spectacular Corra Linn falls, when the power station diverts the water to the falls a sight worth seeing The reserve is home to a rich diversity of birds, mammals and invertebrates. In spring the woodland is carpeted in wildflowers and in the autumn the rich colours are spectacular. Water Birds Birds Birds of Prey Animals Amphibians Insects Flowers Trees Fungi