Capturing the beauty of nature from landscape photography, wildlife photograph capturing birds and animals in their natural habitat. Macro photography capture close-up images of insects and flowers and behind the scene.

My background as professional commercial photographer for 20 years took up most of my time leaving little for my pastimes. I always enjoyed creating, whether joinery, gardening, cooking, music, walking or photography it’s always been part of me, as I grew up my focus centred around my interests.

This blog is my pastime life where I share my cooking, birding and general outdoor life and photography as a pastime and hobby has now returned to my life. A slow paced approach to my photography is my preferred style, I rarely ever carry a camera around with me unless it’s commissioned work. Covid changed this and I found my roots getting behind the lens for pleasure and now I have gone back to my early days with leisurely walks and enjoying life.

I hope to share my photos and my experience as a photographer along with tips and break downs of my photography.